About 1500 years ago, Buddhism came in Japan. It has effected all of the Japanese culture whether good ore bad.

Kyo(Stura) is one of the typical elements of Japanese Buddhism. Kyo is composed of a words Buddha said. If reading it, people, some Japanese believe, are promised to go to nirvana. There are a lot kinds of Kyo. Among these, Hannyashinkyo is the most famous in Japan. First of all, let's listen to Hannyashinkyo.

It smells like Japanese culture. But original Bddhism is far different from it. Japanese people has changed what we got. 

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Now, do Japanese people living in the modern world change the thing which they know but aren't used to? Of caurse Yes! We love to change something, and love the things which are changed! THIS IS THE LATEST BUDDHISM!!!!

There was a person uploading on Niconico-douga. One of his movies broke the traditional value of Buddhism. LISTEN! AND TO NIRVANA!

HOW POP! & HATSUNE MIKU READING! HERE IS THE MODERN WORLD! Many creaters and Hatsune Miku users watched this, and recreated the new Hannyasinkyo.

ROCK version

If you play this , it's easier to go to nirvana than playing Smells Like Teen Spirit!


The word is easy to understand, but the mean is deep.

HARD CORE version

Is this blasphemy? No! It is the embodyment of faith!

HARD CORE with movies

I love the best! This express that nirvana is far from the world we live.

HARD COR band edition

The golden and black furniture in the movie at the beginning is Butsudan. It is the smallest Buddhist temple. Many houses in the countryside have Butsudan. Before this, many old people read Hannasinkyo. My grandpa's house has it,too.



Game Music

If you wath all of the movies, your PC and speakers go to nirvana lololololol If you wanna go to nirvana, you, by yourself, must read it!