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September 2014


 Japan is said to be wealthy. I admit the fact that we have material affluence. However, do Japanese have mental richness? Otakus living on the web (including me) are now searching for the promised land. We are banished! Then we look for the next paradise. And we are banished again and again.

Otaku lives in the hard world.

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 I now administrate my boss's homepage. The UI I use is Fxxking Shxt! My stress is building up at Mach (At FF11, legendary knight Bronto spat out this words)!



There are a lot of anime goods. Figure doll (Japanese call them figures) is one of these which otaku addicted to anime loves. In the world, men having many figures are thought to be disgusting. But, mighty passionate guys pay a small fortune for materialized kawaii girls! Moe figure which is converted 2D into 3D is a Venus in the modern society!

 But, wait! There are hundreds kinds of figures in Japan. Size, concept, figures whose parts can be moved and changed, the characteristic things which are only called Dolls in Japan. Which figure should you buy? Then I'll show you typical series and classification.

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forever alone

What can you do by yourself? Can you go to an amusement park by yourself? Can you go for a trip alone? Can you enter the sophisticated restaurant by yourself?

In arban area, there are many people doing various things by themselves. But there are also  the places where you go by oneself hard. Especially, Japanese mind somebody's eyes.

"I want to enjoy everything by myself!" In Japan, there are many services by oneself. And courageous persons exist who challenge the hardest places!
Now, I'd like to introduce you 10 "by oneself".
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I began Ingress. I'm enlightend, and near my house......