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May 2016


The Internet-addicted, on 27th May 2016, were agitated. One of the Japanese broadcasting, TV Tokyo; known as “Never changing its programs,” broadcasted a special program of Obama's speech instead of anime(right below is TV Tokyo). Looking back on the history of TV Tokyo, it was ignorant of much of big news. To know how surprising the case it is, look at some of the news which TV Tokyo did not broadcast.

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 In some cases, some cultures and habits are sporntaneous.  Some Japanese, especially the web-addicted, eat Korokke when typhoon coming. Korokke can be explained as "a deep-fried mashed potate (with chopped meat or sea food)."  Why did we start to eat Korokke under the typhoon? Is there a reason which the western can't understand? The reason is from such a rediculous conversation. Read more