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December 2016

The title is already a spoiler, and a lot of spoilers are there.


You know WALKING DEAD, the drama or comic. Many zombies all over the world, and people strugle to fight to live. All elements that it has attract us. If watching it, we are forced to think about “Can I live in the world where many zombies are around” “Where should I move to live safer?” “How do I get foods, weapons, materials?”

United States is good at making dramas which is expressing the real world. While in Japan, THIS.

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This story is famous for the auserd, and known as one of the oldest SF in Japan (the origin of the story dates back to about 1300 years). The characters are also famous, particularly Otohime; the princess in the story.

Once upon a time, Urashima Taro, the fisherman, lived near the sea. One day, he found the kids bullying a small turtle, and helped the turtle. Soon after that, mother turtle came to him, and said that she welcomed him home; *Ryugujo in the sea. Urashima rode on the turtle's back, and went into the sea; mysteriously he could bleathe.

*Ryugujo means Dragon Palace. Japanese dragons are often related with water. 
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Japan has unique parts of architectures. One of them is Shoji. Below is quated from wikipedia.

In traditional Japanese architecture, a shōji (障子?) is a door, window or room divider consisting of translucent paper over a frame of wood which holds together a lattice of wood or bamboo. While washi is the traditional paper, shōji may be made of paper made by modern manufacturing processes; plastic is also in use.

You may think “Paper can't shut out the sounds and the air!” We don't mind those. The only ploblem is that shoji gets torn EASILY. If cats being in a Japanese traditional house, you can imagine what they will do. One of the thing we have to do in the end of the year is reparing shoji.

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We enjoy a lot of kinds of manga; Action, Romance, Horror, Fantasy and etc. Now, I pick up the Romance for girls. Of course, many of the authers are women or girls, and written for women and girls. So some parts on the page bother man's readers, and boys wonder “Why do girls love this situation?” or “What the hell is happening!?” I'll show and explain 5 most famous pages on the Japanese web.

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Attention: This article contains the spoiler of FF15.

It is ten years since FF 13 released. All of the fan of Final Fantasy welcomed FF 15. LP youtubers wanted to broadcast the playing it, and anyone wanted to be the firstest broadcaster. Some of the players uploaded videos just like they are as fast as light. This is the legend of the PLers.

(This copypasta is edited for reading easily)

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ATTENTION: This article contains the spoiler of Bakemonogatari series.

 Bakemonogatari is one of the most famous animes in the world except Ghibli's movies. The auther, NISIO ISHIN, names his characters racherche ones. His pen-name is also eccentric: it's pronounce is palindrome in Japanese Ni Sh-i O I Sh-i N, and the Roman character point-symmetry. And suprisingly, when Japanese find his name, we feel it just an usual pen-name. We only think Nishio “It's just a family name,” Ishin “Maybe it's from Japanese-history term, he must love Japanese histroy.”

Much introduction, so I'll talk about Oshino Shinobu's name and it's meanings.

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A certain prefecture in Japan, one of the ploblem are discussed. It is about “Otoshi”. Otoshi is a welcome dish(like an apetizer), and when you enter the Izakaya; Japanese bar, it serves Otoshi habitually. Visitors who don't know this think “I didn't order it.”

Otoshi is a kind of cover charge. Even if you wouldn't like Otoshi, you can hardly decline it. Good bars serve good Otoshi and you are satisfied with and you will gladly pay extra charge, but cheap chain Izakayas serve some some kind of rubbish. Below is the discussion about Otoshi in Dec 2016 on Japanese message-board.

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Now, we eat ramen all over the world. Cup Noodle is sold in over80 countries. Then, what is ramen in Japan? Why are Japanese ramen shops special? This time, I'll tell you three points; the history, the position of food-service industory, the basic types of ramen.


 There are many opinions about an original ramen. I'll pick up the one. In early 20th, Chinese “la-mian(one of the Chinese noodle)” was introduced in a Chinese restaurant in Japan, and it have been changed by Japanese. In China, la-mian's noodle was made by hands, but 20th, Meiji periode in Japan, noodle-making machine still exsisted. So, Japanese ramen is far different from original one. 
basic knowledge of ramen 1

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All adults have gone through puberty, and we have thought what the right thing is or wriong, what the cool things are. “Chuni” means 2nd grade of a junior high school student, and in Japan, 13~14 years old. “Byou” means disease. Chuni-byou means changing one's value in early juvenile which goes to eccentric way with speriority or inferiority complex. Please understand that someone translated “sophomore diseas”, but it is a slang, not a medical word.

Chuni-byou is devided into three types.

  1. Wanna be a gangstar: One becomes to think “Bad behviour is cool!!! Violence is an only power I beat them all!!” These guys trouble people.

  2. Loving subculture: Wanna be a person who has different value and thinking, or wanna understand what good or bad things are, but juveniles cannot be and do such.

  3. Types of JakiGan: EVIL EYES. To your good understandings, please read the famous copypasta. It is one of the legend sentences which will go down in history.

Do you have enough brave of telling others your shameful episode in your fourteen?

Me? Of course not. Chuni-Byou is like that.

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 Japanese and Chinese, and peoples using kanji feel paticular kanjis cool. Then, why are the kanjis cool? I find out the reason that it is cool or not. Now I picked up several reasons(The decision is in the basis of personal preference). Several examples are below.

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