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January 2017

custom car top

 There are a lot of maniacs who costom and modify their cars and bikes, to make it faster and showy. Some adjust tires and muffler (silencer), others paint fire patterns. In Japan, car maniacs, of course very small number, make their cars eccentric and illegal, although there is a law that forces us to be checked the condition of the cars and bikes every two years. I'll now introduce some types of the customs.

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You've already known a lot of cosplayers; beautiful ladies and cool men who are wearring anime and game costumes. It goes without saying that the quality is higher then expected, they are the enbodiment of the characters. The perfection is, actually, one of the essense of cosplay, but we should also think about other aspects. Seeing is better than hearing. These are rdiculous but fantastic cosplayers in Comic Market(the largest manga, anime, game festival) on 29~31 Dec 2016.

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