A certain prefecture in Japan, one of the ploblem are discussed. It is about “Otoshi”. Otoshi is a welcome dish(like an apetizer), and when you enter the Izakaya; Japanese bar, it serves Otoshi habitually. Visitors who don't know this think “I didn't order it.”

Otoshi is a kind of cover charge. Even if you wouldn't like Otoshi, you can hardly decline it. Good bars serve good Otoshi and you are satisfied with and you will gladly pay extra charge, but cheap chain Izakayas serve some some kind of rubbish. Below is the discussion about Otoshi in Dec 2016 on Japanese message-board.

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(the number is on the message-board)

24: Otoshi is sxxt!

29: Tip is more uncertain.

31: I think it better than tips at hotel.

39: If complaining it, do not complain without tips outside of Japan.

47: Otoshi always expensive and not good. Bar only thinks the profit.

71: Taking this opportunity, put a ban on Otoshi.

90: Good Otoshi, all dishes after served are good.

100: I wouldn't like it. Nasty!

112: The root of all evel is Fxxkin Otoshi served in chain Izakaya.

129: Dissapoointed when served Stir-Fried bean sprouts. The cost is 5yen, but we pay 400yen.

141: If you wanna experience of Japanese custom and habit, when in Japan, do as Japanese do!

221: It's wrong that the bar serves a dish I don't order.

288: Otoshi is a present, but we must pay for it. I think this is the root of the problem.

301: I'm Japanese, but I'm so angry about it!

305: This is one of the experience in Japan.


Reading this opinions on the board, good Otoshi is generally accepted, but most Otoshi is bad and they dislike it. I almost agree with such coments. If you enter the good Izakaya, it is not good that you decline Otoshi. But entering cheep Izakaya, you should say “ No Otoshi, Ok?” or “Otoshi irimasen.”