ATTENTION: This article contains the spoiler of Bakemonogatari series.

 Bakemonogatari is one of the most famous animes in the world except Ghibli's movies. The auther, NISIO ISHIN, names his characters racherche ones. His pen-name is also eccentric: it's pronounce is palindrome in Japanese Ni Sh-i O I Sh-i N, and the Roman character point-symmetry. And suprisingly, when Japanese find his name, we feel it just an usual pen-name. We only think Nishio “It's just a family name,” Ishin “Maybe it's from Japanese-history term, he must love Japanese histroy.”

Much introduction, so I'll talk about Oshino Shinobu's name and it's meanings.

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 She used to be a legend vampire before, and the name was Kiss-shot Acerola-Orion Haert-under-Blade. The meaning of the parts are below.

Kiss-Shot: Her kiss was like a shot and anyone died.

Acerola-Orion: It was from her name she used to be a human, and her first name had changed to this.

Heart-under-Blade: When she was flourlishing the blade, her heart was together.

Then, what is the meaning of Oshino Shinobu? In Japanese, it is written


1: Both Oshino; the mamily name, and Shinobu; a girl's name are usual in Japan. But looking at the kanjis, the name is palindrome.

2: The parts of oshi or shinobu contains Blade(upper part) and Heart(under one). If translating Heart-under-Blade , it expresses this kanji(probably, the auther translates it to Heart-under-Blade).

3: The kanji's means are a) repress one's emotion, b) don't be perturbed by fear or shame, c) the heart that do cruel act without hesitation, d) avoiding being seen and doing. If you have watched or read Bakemonogatari, you can see Shinobu's words and acts are from the meanings.


The auther Nisio Ishin loves such a word game. If I find the interesting names, I'll introduce ones.