We enjoy a lot of kinds of manga; Action, Romance, Horror, Fantasy and etc. Now, I pick up the Romance for girls. Of course, many of the authers are women or girls, and written for women and girls. So some parts on the page bother man's readers, and boys wonder “Why do girls love this situation?” or “What the hell is happening!?” I'll show and explain 5 most famous pages on the Japanese web.

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1: I'll blow your beautiful face!!

Words: “Easy- peasy. Die, Hekuron! Here... I'll blow your beautiful face!!” clang

This may be the most famous one. We are forced to think “Why is the assault rifle on the shoulder? Isn't he a sniper?” “The rifle has no scope, and first he is aiming man's head, but the next, aiming the face.” “The triger isn't moving.” “I'll blow your beautiful face!! lololoooooolooolololool”

The auther of the page found it laughed by Internet users, and she bought a toy rifle, and uploaded the pictures holding it on her shoulder on twitter, and she learned how to use a rifle. Funs were hugely pleased. But later, on the other manga, she forgot drawing the magazine of the rifle. Funs were pleased again.

2: I wanna ChimuDonDon!

Words: “I wanna...... ChimuDonDon too.”

What the ChimuDonDon!? May be related with Wa-daiko; a kinds of drum. The sound of ChimuDonDon is attracting us. Google knows ChimuDonDon, probably.

3: Potate ring

Words: Girl: Wha.. Boy: “You dislike being in love with me!? You're crying.” Girl: Wha..? Boy: “Lifting the ban on love means...... loving between you and me is lifted on!!” Girl: A.......

Don't bind the finger with patate!! Potateeeeee!!!!! Anyone dislikes such lolololol. If you are a girl, I'll prepare the fried potate. By the way, this page is relatively new one.

4: You have Imokenpi on your hair

Words: 3rd panel: Girl: “Wh... what?” Boy: “Don't move....” 4th Girl:(Is this situation..... Kiss!?) the big panel: Boy: You have Imokenpi on your hair. Girl:(Uuu....aahhh)

Hey, guys. This is Imokenpi.

Actually delicious it is, but we think it is loved by the older folks. Why do you have such thing on your hair!? And why are you eating it naturally!?

5: Big crab

Big crab!!!!