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The title is already a spoiler, and a lot of spoilers are there.


You know WALKING DEAD, the drama or comic. Many zombies all over the world, and people strugle to fight to live. All elements that it has attract us. If watching it, we are forced to think about “Can I live in the world where many zombies are around” “Where should I move to live safer?” “How do I get foods, weapons, materials?”

United States is good at making dramas which is expressing the real world. While in Japan, THIS.

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ATTENTION: This article contains the spoiler of Bakemonogatari series.

 Bakemonogatari is one of the most famous animes in the world except Ghibli's movies. The auther, NISIO ISHIN, names his characters racherche ones. His pen-name is also eccentric: it's pronounce is palindrome in Japanese Ni Sh-i O I Sh-i N, and the Roman character point-symmetry. And suprisingly, when Japanese find his name, we feel it just an usual pen-name. We only think Nishio “It's just a family name,” Ishin “Maybe it's from Japanese-history term, he must love Japanese histroy.”

Much introduction, so I'll talk about Oshino Shinobu's name and it's meanings.

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 During sightseeing in Japan and on TV program about Japanese histrory, many famous shrines and tenples grub attention. They have, ofcourse, historical value, cultual importance, fabulous form, but what is the mean of the name? Now, I tried to translate 5 cool name of shrines into English.

1.Nine-Head Dragon shrine (kuzuryu-zinja)

Location: Nagano pref, Kanagawa pref and etc...

Shinto's god(Kami, spirit): Nine Head Dragon

Since A.D.480~

Tips: Some legends are there. One is that an evil nine-head deamon having dragon tail turned into good spirit. The other is that a nine head dragon apeard before a black dragon(having good spirit). Each shrine has different story. 

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This is the most famous fairy story in Japan. All of Japanese know this. Momotaro means “Peach boy (or man)”.

Although it is few that the story and the characters are quoted directly, there are a lot of manga and anime that have topics of Momotaro. In ONE PIECE, incidencially, the character: Red Dog (Aka Inu), Yellow Monky (Ki Zaru), Blue Pheasant (Ao Kizi) are from Momotaro's main characters.

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