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Japan has unique parts of architectures. One of them is Shoji. Below is quated from wikipedia.

In traditional Japanese architecture, a shōji (障子?) is a door, window or room divider consisting of translucent paper over a frame of wood which holds together a lattice of wood or bamboo. While washi is the traditional paper, shōji may be made of paper made by modern manufacturing processes; plastic is also in use.

You may think “Paper can't shut out the sounds and the air!” We don't mind those. The only ploblem is that shoji gets torn EASILY. If cats being in a Japanese traditional house, you can imagine what they will do. One of the thing we have to do in the end of the year is reparing shoji.

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A certain prefecture in Japan, one of the ploblem are discussed. It is about “Otoshi”. Otoshi is a welcome dish(like an apetizer), and when you enter the Izakaya; Japanese bar, it serves Otoshi habitually. Visitors who don't know this think “I didn't order it.”

Otoshi is a kind of cover charge. Even if you wouldn't like Otoshi, you can hardly decline it. Good bars serve good Otoshi and you are satisfied with and you will gladly pay extra charge, but cheap chain Izakayas serve some some kind of rubbish. Below is the discussion about Otoshi in Dec 2016 on Japanese message-board.

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Now, we eat ramen all over the world. Cup Noodle is sold in over80 countries. Then, what is ramen in Japan? Why are Japanese ramen shops special? This time, I'll tell you three points; the history, the position of food-service industory, the basic types of ramen.


 There are many opinions about an original ramen. I'll pick up the one. In early 20th, Chinese “la-mian(one of the Chinese noodle)” was introduced in a Chinese restaurant in Japan, and it have been changed by Japanese. In China, la-mian's noodle was made by hands, but 20th, Meiji periode in Japan, noodle-making machine still exsisted. So, Japanese ramen is far different from original one. 
basic knowledge of ramen 1

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 Japanese and Chinese, and peoples using kanji feel paticular kanjis cool. Then, why are the kanjis cool? I find out the reason that it is cool or not. Now I picked up several reasons(The decision is in the basis of personal preference). Several examples are below.

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 During sightseeing in Japan and on TV program about Japanese histrory, many famous shrines and tenples grub attention. They have, ofcourse, historical value, cultual importance, fabulous form, but what is the mean of the name? Now, I tried to translate 5 cool name of shrines into English.

1.Nine-Head Dragon shrine (kuzuryu-zinja)

Location: Nagano pref, Kanagawa pref and etc...

Shinto's god(Kami, spirit): Nine Head Dragon

Since A.D.480~

Tips: Some legends are there. One is that an evil nine-head deamon having dragon tail turned into good spirit. The other is that a nine head dragon apeard before a black dragon(having good spirit). Each shrine has different story. 

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The Internet-addicted, on 27th May 2016, were agitated. One of the Japanese broadcasting, TV Tokyo; known as “Never changing its programs,” broadcasted a special program of Obama's speech instead of anime(right below is TV Tokyo). Looking back on the history of TV Tokyo, it was ignorant of much of big news. To know how surprising the case it is, look at some of the news which TV Tokyo did not broadcast.

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 In some cases, some cultures and habits are sporntaneous.  Some Japanese, especially the web-addicted, eat Korokke when typhoon coming. Korokke can be explained as "a deep-fried mashed potate (with chopped meat or sea food)."  Why did we start to eat Korokke under the typhoon? Is there a reason which the western can't understand? The reason is from such a rediculous conversation. Read more

American's passion for Barbecue is tremendous.

When I visited America for work, I was invited to the barbeque in return for treating a fat man dinner.

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 The newest technology always makes us surprised, and all the newest things are gathered in Akihabara. High-spec PC for games, digital camera, multifunctional consumer electronics. Of course the newest anime cultures are there! Thousands of anime characters are seen anywhere in Akihabara. Otakus, including me, are loving to meet thousands of kawaii girls!

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 Now ramen is the most popular Japanese food. The types of ramen are so many. Shoyu(soy source), Miso, sio(salt), Tonkotsu are typical. There are also mixed soup; Shoyu-Tonkotsu, seafood-added Shoyu-tonkotsu and so on. Of course types of noodle are many. In addition, another types of ramen are there. Tsukemen, mazesoba, aburasoba, etc. Especially, Jiro-types is now the hottest topic among young guys. I'll introduce Jiro, and copypasta made by Jirolian(Jiro freaks).

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