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We enjoy a lot of kinds of manga; Action, Romance, Horror, Fantasy and etc. Now, I pick up the Romance for girls. Of course, many of the authers are women or girls, and written for women and girls. So some parts on the page bother man's readers, and boys wonder “Why do girls love this situation?” or “What the hell is happening!?” I'll show and explain 5 most famous pages on the Japanese web.

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Attention: This article contains the spoiler of FF15.

It is ten years since FF 13 released. All of the fan of Final Fantasy welcomed FF 15. LP youtubers wanted to broadcast the playing it, and anyone wanted to be the firstest broadcaster. Some of the players uploaded videos just like they are as fast as light. This is the legend of the PLers.

(This copypasta is edited for reading easily)

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All adults have gone through puberty, and we have thought what the right thing is or wriong, what the cool things are. “Chuni” means 2nd grade of a junior high school student, and in Japan, 13~14 years old. “Byou” means disease. Chuni-byou means changing one's value in early juvenile which goes to eccentric way with speriority or inferiority complex. Please understand that someone translated “sophomore diseas”, but it is a slang, not a medical word.

Chuni-byou is devided into three types.

  1. Wanna be a gangstar: One becomes to think “Bad behviour is cool!!! Violence is an only power I beat them all!!” These guys trouble people.

  2. Loving subculture: Wanna be a person who has different value and thinking, or wanna understand what good or bad things are, but juveniles cannot be and do such.

  3. Types of JakiGan: EVIL EYES. To your good understandings, please read the famous copypasta. It is one of the legend sentences which will go down in history.

Do you have enough brave of telling others your shameful episode in your fourteen?

Me? Of course not. Chuni-Byou is like that.

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One day in 2006, a man on 2ch(Japanese message-board) made a special technique and its effect. The name of the magic became one of the most famous magic on the web. Let's read the conversation at that time.

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American's passion for Barbecue is tremendous.

When I visited America for work, I was invited to the barbeque in return for treating a fat man dinner.

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There are no one that don't know Hatune Miku among heavy net users. Digital voice named Miku gave something evolutional to music, and it has made the idea of the singer upper level.

Now, many people regard her as a vartual idle and love her songs. She has won glory since her apperence. But We (Japanese Otaku, especially called Nicochu(fan of Niconico douga)), had thought her as “just only a toy” until the day she went on sale. I'll introduce several days form the day Htune Miku appeared before us.

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 I'll introduce one of the most famous copypasta in Japan. Louise is the character of the novels and anime "Zero no Tsukaima(Familiar of Zero)." A certain person on the web was screaming his love.  This is the scream of the spirit! Dare you read this?
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 Now ramen is the most popular Japanese food. The types of ramen are so many. Shoyu(soy source), Miso, sio(salt), Tonkotsu are typical. There are also mixed soup; Shoyu-Tonkotsu, seafood-added Shoyu-tonkotsu and so on. Of course types of noodle are many. In addition, another types of ramen are there. Tsukemen, mazesoba, aburasoba, etc. Especially, Jiro-types is now the hottest topic among young guys. I'll introduce Jiro, and copypasta made by Jirolian(Jiro freaks).

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 Modern moe animes make a new style of beauty. To describe daily life. To make only girls appear. To have no meaningful stories and be able to watch them at ease. These essences is refugee camps. But animes which have all these characters are not always broadcasted. Although there are not animes for refugees, we must watch anime. Sometimes we need to admit compromising. The new stage may be waiting for you!

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Refugees in japan 2


Fortunately, the article of Refugee camps continues. People who read the previous article may want new anime. You had better watch these animes after watching Kill me baby, Yuru-Yuri, and Yuyu-shiki.

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