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カテゴリ: OTAKU

The title is already a spoiler, and a lot of spoilers are there.


You know WALKING DEAD, the drama or comic. Many zombies all over the world, and people strugle to fight to live. All elements that it has attract us. If watching it, we are forced to think about “Can I live in the world where many zombies are around” “Where should I move to live safer?” “How do I get foods, weapons, materials?”

United States is good at making dramas which is expressing the real world. While in Japan, THIS.

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We enjoy a lot of kinds of manga; Action, Romance, Horror, Fantasy and etc. Now, I pick up the Romance for girls. Of course, many of the authers are women or girls, and written for women and girls. So some parts on the page bother man's readers, and boys wonder “Why do girls love this situation?” or “What the hell is happening!?” I'll show and explain 5 most famous pages on the Japanese web.

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Attention: This article contains the spoiler of FF15.

It is ten years since FF 13 released. All of the fan of Final Fantasy welcomed FF 15. LP youtubers wanted to broadcast the playing it, and anyone wanted to be the firstest broadcaster. Some of the players uploaded videos just like they are as fast as light. This is the legend of the PLers.

(This copypasta is edited for reading easily)

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ATTENTION: This article contains the spoiler of Bakemonogatari series.

 Bakemonogatari is one of the most famous animes in the world except Ghibli's movies. The auther, NISIO ISHIN, names his characters racherche ones. His pen-name is also eccentric: it's pronounce is palindrome in Japanese Ni Sh-i O I Sh-i N, and the Roman character point-symmetry. And suprisingly, when Japanese find his name, we feel it just an usual pen-name. We only think Nishio “It's just a family name,” Ishin “Maybe it's from Japanese-history term, he must love Japanese histroy.”

Much introduction, so I'll talk about Oshino Shinobu's name and it's meanings.

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 I'll introduce one of the most famous copypasta in Japan. Louise is the character of the novels and anime "Zero no Tsukaima(Familiar of Zero)." A certain person on the web was screaming his love.  This is the scream of the spirit! Dare you read this?
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During 2013~2014, Kan-Colle is the most fashionable on-line game in Japan. In Kan-Colle, battle ships (of course reincarnated to girls) fight against mysterious enemies. Kitakami, I think,  is the most cutest girl among about over100 girls. World should share her greatness! Such girl became Nendoloid! Open your eyes! This is to be kawaii!
 Becoming 50 level, her clothes changes.
In my game, she is the highest level. (北上 reads Kitakami)

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 The newest technology always makes us surprised, and all the newest things are gathered in Akihabara. High-spec PC for games, digital camera, multifunctional consumer electronics. Of course the newest anime cultures are there! Thousands of anime characters are seen anywhere in Akihabara. Otakus, including me, are loving to meet thousands of kawaii girls!

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 Modern moe animes make a new style of beauty. To describe daily life. To make only girls appear. To have no meaningful stories and be able to watch them at ease. These essences is refugee camps. But animes which have all these characters are not always broadcasted. Although there are not animes for refugees, we must watch anime. Sometimes we need to admit compromising. The new stage may be waiting for you!

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Refugees in japan 2


Fortunately, the article of Refugee camps continues. People who read the previous article may want new anime. You had better watch these animes after watching Kill me baby, Yuru-Yuri, and Yuyu-shiki.

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 Japan is said to be wealthy. I admit the fact that we have material affluence. However, do Japanese have mental richness? Otakus living on the web (including me) are now searching for the promised land. We are banished! Then we look for the next paradise. And we are banished again and again.

Otaku lives in the hard world.

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