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A certain prefecture in Japan, one of the ploblem are discussed. It is about “Otoshi”. Otoshi is a welcome dish(like an apetizer), and when you enter the Izakaya; Japanese bar, it serves Otoshi habitually. Visitors who don't know this think “I didn't order it.”

Otoshi is a kind of cover charge. Even if you wouldn't like Otoshi, you can hardly decline it. Good bars serve good Otoshi and you are satisfied with and you will gladly pay extra charge, but cheap chain Izakayas serve some some kind of rubbish. Below is the discussion about Otoshi in Dec 2016 on Japanese message-board.

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Now, we eat ramen all over the world. Cup Noodle is sold in over80 countries. Then, what is ramen in Japan? Why are Japanese ramen shops special? This time, I'll tell you three points; the history, the position of food-service industory, the basic types of ramen.


 There are many opinions about an original ramen. I'll pick up the one. In early 20th, Chinese “la-mian(one of the Chinese noodle)” was introduced in a Chinese restaurant in Japan, and it have been changed by Japanese. In China, la-mian's noodle was made by hands, but 20th, Meiji periode in Japan, noodle-making machine still exsisted. So, Japanese ramen is far different from original one. 
basic knowledge of ramen 1

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 In some cases, some cultures and habits are sporntaneous.  Some Japanese, especially the web-addicted, eat Korokke when typhoon coming. Korokke can be explained as "a deep-fried mashed potate (with chopped meat or sea food)."  Why did we start to eat Korokke under the typhoon? Is there a reason which the western can't understand? The reason is from such a rediculous conversation. Read more

American's passion for Barbecue is tremendous.

When I visited America for work, I was invited to the barbeque in return for treating a fat man dinner.

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 Now ramen is the most popular Japanese food. The types of ramen are so many. Shoyu(soy source), Miso, sio(salt), Tonkotsu are typical. There are also mixed soup; Shoyu-Tonkotsu, seafood-added Shoyu-tonkotsu and so on. Of course types of noodle are many. In addition, another types of ramen are there. Tsukemen, mazesoba, aburasoba, etc. Especially, Jiro-types is now the hottest topic among young guys. I'll introduce Jiro, and copypasta made by Jirolian(Jiro freaks).

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I was thinking of, for a long time, a question about spaghetti Neapolitan.
The question is why spaghetti Neapolitan is red.
It seems an easy question, however it is a deep one.
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               Expart is salt   Enjoy tastes of elements  

   Tastes of nature                                       Know the level of the restaurant by salt

Salt is the best                                       Taste of ingredient            
                        taste of ingredient                                               flavor of ingredient
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Yesterday, I went to Yoshinoya near my house, Yoshinoya.
Then, there were a lot of people and I couldn't sit.
And so, I found a banner which said"150yen off!".
Sigh…It's idiot, it's fool…
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