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Attention: This article contains the spoiler of FF15.

It is ten years since FF 13 released. All of the fan of Final Fantasy welcomed FF 15. LP youtubers wanted to broadcast the playing it, and anyone wanted to be the firstest broadcaster. Some of the players uploaded videos just like they are as fast as light. This is the legend of the PLers.

(This copypasta is edited for reading easily)

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All adults have gone through puberty, and we have thought what the right thing is or wriong, what the cool things are. “Chuni” means 2nd grade of a junior high school student, and in Japan, 13~14 years old. “Byou” means disease. Chuni-byou means changing one's value in early juvenile which goes to eccentric way with speriority or inferiority complex. Please understand that someone translated “sophomore diseas”, but it is a slang, not a medical word.

Chuni-byou is devided into three types.

  1. Wanna be a gangstar: One becomes to think “Bad behviour is cool!!! Violence is an only power I beat them all!!” These guys trouble people.

  2. Loving subculture: Wanna be a person who has different value and thinking, or wanna understand what good or bad things are, but juveniles cannot be and do such.

  3. Types of JakiGan: EVIL EYES. To your good understandings, please read the famous copypasta. It is one of the legend sentences which will go down in history.

Do you have enough brave of telling others your shameful episode in your fourteen?

Me? Of course not. Chuni-Byou is like that.

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One day in 2006, a man on 2ch(Japanese message-board) made a special technique and its effect. The name of the magic became one of the most famous magic on the web. Let's read the conversation at that time.

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American's passion for Barbecue is tremendous.

When I visited America for work, I was invited to the barbeque in return for treating a fat man dinner.

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 I'll introduce one of the most famous copypasta in Japan. Louise is the character of the novels and anime "Zero no Tsukaima(Familiar of Zero)." A certain person on the web was screaming his love.  This is the scream of the spirit! Dare you read this?
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I was thinking of, for a long time, a question about spaghetti Neapolitan.
The question is why spaghetti Neapolitan is red.
It seems an easy question, however it is a deep one.
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Bring Honda's bike
To Yamaha's shop: hmm, it's not impossible to repair.
To Suzuki's shop: Ordinal. Going to remodel……
To Kawasaki's shop: Get Out Of Hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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               Expart is salt   Enjoy tastes of elements  

   Tastes of nature                                       Know the level of the restaurant by salt

Salt is the best                                       Taste of ingredient            
                        taste of ingredient                                               flavor of ingredient
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Yesterday, I went to Yoshinoya near my house, Yoshinoya.
Then, there were a lot of people and I couldn't sit.
And so, I found a banner which said"150yen off!".
Sigh…It's idiot, it's fool…
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