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 The newest technology always makes us surprised, and all the newest things are gathered in Akihabara. High-spec PC for games, digital camera, multifunctional consumer electronics. Of course the newest anime cultures are there! Thousands of anime characters are seen anywhere in Akihabara. Otakus, including me, are loving to meet thousands of kawaii girls!

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There are a lot of anime goods. Figure doll (Japanese call them figures) is one of these which otaku addicted to anime loves. In the world, men having many figures are thought to be disgusting. But, mighty passionate guys pay a small fortune for materialized kawaii girls! Moe figure which is converted 2D into 3D is a Venus in the modern society!

 But, wait! There are hundreds kinds of figures in Japan. Size, concept, figures whose parts can be moved and changed, the characteristic things which are only called Dolls in Japan. Which figure should you buy? Then I'll show you typical series and classification.

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