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 Now ramen is the most popular Japanese food. The types of ramen are so many. Shoyu(soy source), Miso, sio(salt), Tonkotsu are typical. There are also mixed soup; Shoyu-Tonkotsu, seafood-added Shoyu-tonkotsu and so on. Of course types of noodle are many. In addition, another types of ramen are there. Tsukemen, mazesoba, aburasoba, etc. Especially, Jiro-types is now the hottest topic among young guys. I'll introduce Jiro, and copypasta made by Jirolian(Jiro freaks).

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forever alone

What can you do by yourself? Can you go to an amusement park by yourself? Can you go for a trip alone? Can you enter the sophisticated restaurant by yourself?

In arban area, there are many people doing various things by themselves. But there are also  the places where you go by oneself hard. Especially, Japanese mind somebody's eyes.

"I want to enjoy everything by myself!" In Japan, there are many services by oneself. And courageous persons exist who challenge the hardest places!
Now, I'd like to introduce you 10 "by oneself".
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